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International Lignin Institute

Promoting future technologies for a multi-product conversion
in environmentally cyclic processes where lignin is a major component.

The International Lignin Institute (ILI) is an international professional association, created in 1992, with headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland), primarily functioning as an interactive networking organisation where an active core of experts connects you with the information and contacts you need and where you have access to a intelligently structured database with articles and news for experts and newcomers

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Main tools for achieving objectives

Pilot Programme

Created in november 2017, the Pilot Programme aims at an accelerated transition towards industrial application.Its objective is to speed up the passage from research to market.In a first step, information about the stage of development of selected lignin applications is collected, including research needs, as well as technical and non-technical barriers to real industrial implementation.

For the startup of this activity a relatively large selection of lignin applications has been defined. Restriction to less topics at a later stage can be expected.

Progress evaluation

The Progress evaluation presents upcoming new information on the topic of lignin in real time as it becomes available. It is organised in 10 subtopics: General Information, Production, Modification, Analytics and Structure, Thermosets, Thermoplastics, Speciality Chemicals, Smart Polymers, Life Science, and Other.

It involves all type of publications but one of its strong points is to give access to not widely published papers from conferences and workshops and to PhDs about the lignin topic.