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ILI-Lignin Financing

Financing ILI activities

For financing its activities, ILI follows entrepreneurial principles: different means are collected and organised by the Managing Committee according to projects and attributed budgets.

Internal financial means are rather limited and exclusively formed by membership fees.

In order to keep membership fees low and make ILI accessible to a public as important as possible, the ILI Management launches and carries out various projects that must be financially autonomous each. These projects can be publicly financed (National Gouvernments, European Commission) or carried out on behalf of private entities (Mandates). The later might be protected by secrecy conditions that limit critical information to the directly involved project management. Further external revenues are conference fees, sales of documentation, sales of samples.

Any possible exceeding financial flow generated by such making available of ILI's competences to external parties, is exclusively used for internal purposes and for carrying out - otherwise difficult to finance - additional work for further development of ILI and of its goals.