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Information exchange

ILI’s transmission of information

Information exchange is the core activity of ILI’s functional scheme. Regarding lignin promotion everything is based on improved and accelerated flow of information. ILI is addressing this item in its everyday activity. It as much about collecting information as about giving information. The big advantage of ILI’s way of addressing information exchange, is that it is TARGETED. The receptors of the information do not have to make the effort to go through multiple pages on Internet or on social medias. They receive directly what is the most useful information for them among all that is available in the ILI network. However ILI makes also available global material from which the members can select what is of most interest for them: Analytical methods, literature that is significant for all ongoing approaches to lignin R&D in the section Progress, as well as an overview of existing research activities in the Pilot Programme.

ILI’s transmission of information is adapted to all possible receptors of such:
  • Lignin producers receive information about new research approaches that could be useful for them, about possible commercial clients for their lignin, about interesting projects where their lignin could be tested in the public and the private field, in institutional research as much as in commercial companies. Measurement of key characteristics of lignin with the most adapted methods is a further support provided by ILI.
  • Lignin users receive information about any research that could be of interest for their domain of activity. Contacting is made between companies being end users and any research organisations (public and private) being of interest for their field. Also they are updated about existing and new sources of lignin: the lignin characteristics, the prices and the availability. ILI is also providing analytical methods for quality control and own research.
  • Lignin researchers are informed about any other activity in the neighbourhood of their own research. Contacts are made between researchers and producers, researchers and other researchers, as well as between researcher and existing or potential end users. The intervention of ILI is concentrating of improving existing and upcoming research projects: better methodology, better analytical methods and more adapted lignins.
  • The general public is informed about lignin utilisation know-how that is already commercial or close to and about the ecological advantages the use of lignin might bring to everyday life. Also, ILI is an open window on ongoing lignin research in passionating fields like nanomaterials, all that is related to health and well-being, as much as the new renewable materials based on lignin and the role they can play, already now or in the future, in the technological environment of everyone’s private and professional spheres of activity.