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Progress Evaluation

Evaluation of the progress in the lignin field

An evaluation of the progress in the lignin field is available under the button ‘Progress’ on top of every page of the site.

This function is a collection of documents that allows to understand the history of lignin developments in the ILI network but also gives the documents to assess the progress in the lignin field as accessible to ILI. New documents are uploaded continuously in real time as they become available.

The documents are mostly posters, slides and proceeding texts from conferences, that are not otherwise easily available. But there are also journal papers, PhDs, links and extracts of internet pages, short messages with specific news. Finally, there are summary papers from ILI activities (umbrella programme and pilot programme).

The papers are organised in a user-friendly way in subtopics and under each subtopic there are tabs organising the items in smaller groups in a way that the reader can easily find all postings for a very specific theme.

All papers appear always in an order according to the importance with the most important papers coming first in any list.