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What this is about

Upcoming new information on the topic of lignin in real time

This Progress evaluation presents upcoming new information on the topic of lignin in real time as it becomes available. It is organised in 10 subtopics: General Information, Production, Modification, Analytics and Structure, Thermosets, Thermoplastics, Speciality Chemicals, Smart Polymers, Life Science, and Other.

In addition, this system is also an overview on the state of art for each of these subtopics. In an introductory text it gives summaries on the content and the main issues in every subtopic. Using this text, the references given and the papers posted under the subtopic the reader should be able to get a general overview about the subtopic's progress in the past and the present. In the main section of each subtopic, the files are organised according to importance and scientific and technical interest.

The Recent Postings sections contain a double of recent contributions covering in general the last two years but also older papers if they have been added later than the official publication date. All files in this Recent Postings section all already copied to their final place in the corresponding section. That is why they appear twice in order to make sure that no paper is missed by a reader consulting the subtopics and their priorities direcly. Furthermore there is always also a Database section, that contains older files or file of less importance and where the new files of the correspondings topics will be transfered as they are replaced by more recent or more important contributions.


Please submit at [javascript protected email address] your files (no requirement on type and format: powerpoints, overviews, posters, articles etc. ) in PDF format.

Make sure that you mention complete names and affiliation of all authors, as well as the origin (project name, conference, etc.). In case of conference papers, send if possible the proceedings version and the powerpoint (slides).